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The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has a vibrant research environment motivated by our dedicated faculty. Our research programs are funded by many government agencies. In addition to the government, working with academia and industry is part of our focus. We have established large-scale collaborations with major industrial companies including General Electric, Raytheon, and Northrop.

Research activities at the department can be classified by research areas and by research centers. The department offers eight research areas of focus bringing together a wide range of faculty expertise. The department also leads two research centers, including the Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing and the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, both federally funded.

Faculty also conduct research in their labs and are part of college-wide Research Initiatives. View faculty profiles to learn about their research, including work being conducted in their laboratories. Also, view our Scholarship Reports.

Recent News

Drug Supply Shortages Have Existed Long Before the Pandemic

MIE Associate Professor Jacqueline Griffin and Professor Özlem Ergun say that supply chain shortages are due to the limited number of manufacturers and manufacturing sites; manufacturing quality concerns; and, most importantly, limited information sharing between supply chain stakeholders.

Zheng Receives 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award

MIE Associate Professor Yi Zheng has been selected to receive the prestigious 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award from 3M Corporation. This competitive award recognizes outstanding young faculty who were nominated by 3M researchers and selected based on their research, experience, and academic leadership. Zheng is recognized for his work in advanced energy materials, with a special […]

Yung Joon Jung and Moneesh Upmanyu

Jung and Upmanyu Develop First Silicon Nanowires that Operate as an Ultrawide-bandgap Semiconductor

The research of mechanical and industrial engineering professors Yung Joon Jung and Moneesh Upmanyu on “Catalyst-free synthesis of sub 5nm silicon nanowire arrays with massive lattice contraction and wide-band gap” has been published in Nature Communications. The researchers developed silicon nanowires that operate as an ultrawide-bandgap (UWBG) semiconductor—a first in the world of silicon, potentially revolutionizing the integration of etched silicon nanowires into UWBG device applications.

MatrixSpace Startup Works to Connect People and Intelligent Machines

MIE Associate Professor Jose Martinez Lorenzo’s startup MatrixSpace is working to improve the collaboration between humans and artificially intelligent machines, while still keeping humans in charge.