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The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has a vibrant research environment motivated by our dedicated faculty. Our research programs are funded by many government agencies. In addition to the government, working with academia and industry is part of our focus. We have established large-scale collaborations with major industrial companies including General Electric, Raytheon, and Northrop. The industrial collaborations augment multiple governmental supports secured by our faculty, such as the $20M contract order from the US Army Research Office and $125M contract order from the US Veterans Health Administration.

Research activities at the department can be classified by research areas and by research centers. The department offers eight research areas of focus bringing together a wide range of faculty expertise. The department also leads two research centers, including the Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing and the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute, both federally funded.

Faculty also conduct research in their labs and are part of college-wide Research Initiatives. View faculty profiles to learn about their research, including work being conducted in their laboratories. Also, view our Scholarship Reports.

Recent News

Jaeger-Helton Received the Nicholas P. Tillinghast Award from Bridgewater State University

MIE Teaching Professor Beverly Jaeger-Helton received the Nicholas P. Tillinghast Award from Bridgewater State University, which is the highest honor bestowed upon an alumna by the University.

Manufacturing Thermal Interfaces

MIE Associate Professor Randall Erb was awarded a patent for developing “Methods for the manufacture of thermal interfaces, thermal interfaces, and articles comprising the same”.

hongli zhu

Creating Energy Storage at Large Scales

MIE Assistant Professor Hongli Zhu was awarded a patent for “Lignin-based electrolytes and flow battery cells and systems”.

Busnaina and Somu Awarded Damascene Template Patent

MIE Professor Ahmed Busnaina & Director of the Kostas Nanoscale Research Center Siva Somu were awarded a patent for creating a “Damascene template for directed assembly and transfer of nanoelements”.