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Mar 30, 2020

Using Behaviors of Rhododendron Plants in Robotics

MIE Professor Moneesh Upmanyu is studying how the leaves of rhododendron plants react to cold temperature changes to help him design smart, foldable structures.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mar 27, 2020

3D Mineralization Printer

MIE Associate Professor Randall Erb was awarded a patent for “Three dimensional mineralization printer.”

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Photo of Sandra Shefelbine

Mar 26, 2020

Shefelbine Selected as AIMBE Fellow

MIE/BioE Professor Sandra Shefelbine was selected as an American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) Fellow in recognition of “her distinguished and continuing achievements in medical and biological engineering”.

Bioengineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mar 23, 2020

How Hospitals Can Handle the Influx of COVID-19 Patients

MIE Assistant Professor Jacqueline Griffin, who specializes in healthcare optimization, suggests that to ease the influx of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals should strive to cut wait times, move to virtual care, and work closely with pharmacists.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mar 11, 2020

Jin Awarded NSF CAREER Award for High Precision Micromanufacturing

MIE Assistant Professor Xiaoning “Sarah” Jin was awarded a $500K NSF CAREER award for “Unifying Sensing, Machine Perception and Control for High-precision Micromanufacturing.”

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 28, 2020

Using Drones to Monitor Iceberg Sizes

ECE/MIE Professor Hanumant Singh has developed a method of taking high-resolution 3d photos of icebergs to monitor their size using ocean drones.

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 27, 2020

COE PhD Research Expo Winners

As part of National Engineers Week, the Graduate School of Engineering hosted a PhD Research Expo to showcase the cutting-edge research that our graduate students are working on, from robotics, computer vision and biomechanics to nanomedicine, cell- tissue engineering, and machine learning. Congratulations to the winners of the poster competition. Ebrahim Mostafavi, Electroconductive Gelatin-Graphene Composite Nanofibrous […]

Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 25, 2020

Using Magnetic Fields in Production of Porous Materials

MIE Associate Professor Randall Erb was awarded a patent for “Pore orientation using magnetic fields.”

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering