Energy Systems

Energy Systems research seeks to quantify and optimize the processes of energy generation, transmission and utilization to meet growing global societal and security needs. This goal calls for comprehensive understanding of many interrelated phenomena and requires a highly multidisciplinary approach to connect outcomes from a spectrum of engineering specialties that are all represented in the MIE Department. Areas of expertise include energy transport (thermal fluids), chemical processes (combustion), mechanical processes (rapid solidification and cold spray), efficiency design (mechanics) and multiscale materials, from nanostructures to bulk functional composites.

Research emphasis on materials science/nanoscience of functional materials, with potential applications include materials for energy systems, permanent magnetic systems, recording media, multiferroic/magnetostructural materials and systems, oxide/chalcogenide electronic materials systems and nanocrystalline materials. Scientific research and management expertise, in both governmental laboratory and academic settings, supported by strategic and interdisciplinary activities.