Robotics & Controls Systems

Robotics & Control Systems is a dynamic field of study that encompasses fundamental research in geometric control, motion planning, and multi-agent robotics, and extends its applications to diverse areas such as minimally invasive surgery, precise control of lightweight yet high-performance manipulator arms, and the coordination of robotic swarms. By pushing the boundaries of intelligent machine design and functionality, robotics research endeavors to drive automation, improve efficiency, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of society.

Researchers in Robotics focuses on intelligent and integrated systems and machines, augmenting traditional mechanical and electrical components with sensors, actuators, and computer control systems. Our research spans a broad spectrum, encompassing practical applications ranging from manufacturing systems and robotic platforms to biological systems. It also encompasses the field of mechatronics, derived from the fusion of mechanics and electronics, which represents a multidisciplinary approach to product design and development. It involves the principles of electrical, mechanical, computer, material, chemical, and industrial engineering.

Within the MIE department at Northeastern, we have a strong, talented group of researchers dedicated to Robotics & Control Systems.