Materials for the Future

Materials for the Future is aimed at pushing the current state-of-the-art and development of new materials innovation by leveraging deep fundamental understanding of process-structure-property relationships.

Researchers in this area are focused on the exploration, development, and utilization of innovative materials that hold the potential to revolutionize various industries, enhance technological advancements, and address the evolving needs and challenges of our rapidly changing world. Composite, multifunctional, biological, mimetic, sustainable, and smart materials each embody tailored structural solutions for diverse applications. Advancing these materials necessitates exploring manufacturing techniques, modeling, and characterizing their structure-property relationships, and leveraging gained insights to push the boundaries of multifunctionality and enable novel applications. Research in this field is driven by the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries that transcend incremental progress, presenting exciting opportunities for innovation and transformative breakthroughs.

Within the MIE department at Northeastern, we have a strong, talented group of researchers dedicated to Materials for the Future.