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Feb 14, 2024

Developing a Career in Renewable Energy on Co-op and in the Lab

After two co-ops, working in an on-campus lab, and their time with AerospaceNU, CJ Huey feels that they have made the most of their Northeastern experience. The secret to their success was not being afraid to take charge of important work.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 06, 2024

Making an Impact by Integrating AI Automation on Co-op

As the second co-op at Karl Storz Endovision, Inc. in Northeastern’s entire history, Rohan Ghorpade made sure to make quite the impact. By introducing AI to the company, he revolutionized their supply chain’s automation on a global level.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 05, 2024

Applying Industrial Engineering to Global Diplomacy and Humanitarianism

By combining the logistics of industrial engineering and the humanity of political science, Sebastian Chávez Da Silva is deeply committed to making a global impact with his degree — even in a time of crisis.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 02, 2024

Living Life in Co-ops: An Alumnus’ Advice

After three vastly different co-op experiences and working as chief of staff at a Series A company, Alex Bender has realized he wants to live his life in co-ops. The next big step? Starting his own non-profit.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jan 24, 2024

Understanding the Big Picture Impacts of Engineering

Across three co-ops, Thando Ray, E’24, mechanical engineering, ensured that the research and projects he worked on had an impact on global environments, including Ghana, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Indonesia.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Dec 01, 2023

Early Start on a PhD Path in Mechanical Engineering

Abraham LeMole, E’23, PhD’28, mechanical engineering, starts on a PhD path under the guidance of Mehdi Abedi, associate teaching professor of mechanical and industrial engineering. Two co-ops in the mechanical engineering industry helped LeMole decide to advance his education with a focus on research.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 29, 2023

Building a Path to Energy Systems Entrepreneurship

Anthony Hall MS’23, energy systems, and graduate certificate in engineering leadership, is harnessing work, academics, and experiential learning to launch the next phase of his career as an entrepreneur.

Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 15, 2023

Sherman Center Venture Co-op: Sari Finn

Sari Finn is a fifth-year industrial engineering student. She created JoyVine, which is a community-centric search engine that serves to provide young adults with a fulfilling, faith-based community. The platform serves to connect individuals to Christian communities based on their geographical area, providing a space for them to cultivate their relationship with God in a […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering