Complex Fluids, Multiphase, & Multiscale Matter

Complex Fluids, Multiphase, & Multi-Scale Matter is an interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on understanding and harnessing the properties and behavior of materials with complex structures, multiple phases, and varying length scales. They have applications in various fields, including materials science, engineering, biology, energy, and advanced manufacturing.

Researchers in research theme focus on understanding and manipulating the structure of materials, both solid and fluid, at various scales to control their functional properties for emerging technologies. This involves engineering matter through synthesis and manipulation, spanning atomic-scale structures, meso-scale assemblies, and continuum-scale organization of matter. We utilize experimental, theoretical, and modeling tools across disciplines to probe and characterize structures, with research groups in synthesis, processing, characterization, computational modeling, and theory. The combination of experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches to unravel the unique behavior of these structures and develop new insights into their properties and applications.

Some activities encompass thrust areas such as particulate media, architectured matter, and multiphase solutions and materials. Particulate media research includes functional colloidal gels, suspensions, and powder-processing for advanced additive manufacturing. Architectured matter focuses on nanoelectronic materials, directed assembly, 3D printing, cellular and metamaterials, and active architectures. Multiphase matter research involves phase change materials, defect engineering, interface engineering, and multiphase flows in microfluidics and geophysical systems.

Examples of our work include investigating polyelectrolyte solutions, ionic liquids, magnetic particle suspensions, consolidated powder beds, polycrystalline alloys and ceramics, buckling and rupture of particulates, non-linear geophysical flows, low-dimensional nanostructures, multifunctional assemblies of nanoscale building blocks, architectured cellular materials, metamaterials, and origami-based active thin films.

Within the MIE department at Northeastern, we have a strong, talented group of researchers dedicated to Complex Fluids, Multiphase, & Multi-Scale Matter.