Resources for Current Students

Laboratory Safety

The College of Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering are committed to maintaining safe laboratories for research and teaching purposes. All laboratory users are required to take appropriate online safety training, which is located under the ‘BioRAFT’ tab on the OARS website. Upon login, the online course directory provides a list of trainings available. Principal Investigators (PIs) should work with the OARS and ECOS offices to determine appropriate training required for lab personnel. The department continuously improves its Laboratory Safety Procedures with details about the expected conduct of researchers in our laboratories.

The Department Safety Officers (DSOs), Jack Greenfield and Kevin McCue, are available to provide advice and help to find solutions to laboratory safety problems, and to assist researchers in performing their work in a safe manner.

MIE Machine Shop

The departments machine shop is a dynamic space with a wide range of capabilities to support part manufacturing for metal, polymer, and ceramics stocks (see video). The department machine shop primarily supports department laboratory classes, senior capstone, student group projects and training, and when possible, research projects. The shop also provides opportunities for COE student groups to access machining training needed for supporting projects and competition needs. COE groups with inquiries about student training should reach out to Maker Space Specialist – Rick Kennedy for more information.

Graduate Documents & Forms

A variety of important documents and related forms are listed below.