Student Donor Spotlight: Nicolas Maciel, E’22

Nicolas Maciel, E’22, mechanical engineering, has always had a passion for engineering. Since beginning his academic career at Northeastern, he set out to immerse himself in learning the ins and outs of transportation engineering. Through multiple internships, co-ops, and extracurricular organizations, he’s done just that.

During Maciel’s first semester, he joined Paradigm Hyperloop. This international team of students from the United States and Canada is making the Hyperloop concept—a mode of transportation consisting of levitating high-speed capsules traveling through low-pressure vacuum tubes—a reality. Now a senior, he leads the Paradigm team as project manager, working to design, build, and test the Hyperloop pods.

Outside of engineering, Maciel has made countless memories as a member of the Entrepreneurs Club and Club Taekwondo, and through traveling abroad. His most unforgettable experience was traveling to Israel and Palestine to speak with regional and local diplomats regarding the conflict between the two nations, and immersing himself in the culture and geography of the Middle East.

With these accomplishments under his belt, he recognizes the importance of giving back to the program that made it all possible. He’s made a gift in support of Paradigm Hyperloop, contributing directly to club resources for those who will lead the group after him. “Northeastern has provided me with numerous career avenues both related and unrelated to my experience on the Paradigm team,” says Maciel. “I feel compelled to return the favor.”

In just a few years, Maciel has grown personally and professionally. His dedication, enthusiasm, and involvement in the university community have set an example for future Huskies, showing them that at Northeastern, the possibilities are endless.

By Victoria Tsang, Alumni Relations

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