Featured Galante Fellow: Luis Ye Fung

Go Abroad!

Luis Ye Fung has been a Galante Fellow since the summer of 2020. This May, Fung will graduate from Northeastern with his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and master’s degree in Engineering Management.

While at Northeastern he had the chance to study abroad in Hong Kong and spend a summer in Taiwan as part of Northeastern’s Dialogue of Civilizations program. Traveling around the world and learning about different cultures is very enjoyable to him, and he had wonderful experiences on each trip and highly recommends global experiences to other students.

It was after Fung returned from his Dialogue of Civilizations program focused on industrial engineering in Taiwan that he decided to apply to the Galante Engineering Business Program. Many of the other students on this Dialogue were a part of Galante and shared their experience in the program with Luis. After hearing from those students, Fung says “I knew I wanted to be part of it to develop my leadership skills and surround myself with talented individuals.”

Since joining, Fung has found the speaker events to be his favorite. One event in particular that he really liked was the Online Communication workshop with David Marino. He appreciated how helpful it was for navigating the virtual world.

Luis Ye Fung plays with his dog

In addition to Galante, Fung also joined an Asian cultural fraternity at Northeastern. He joined his sophomore year and found it to be a great opportunity to meet amazing individuals of a similar cultural background. This organization gave him a chance to reconnect with his roots, something he didn’t really have growing up in Costa Rica where the Asian community is much smaller.

Fung has also participated in Northeastern’s co-op program. His most recent co-op was in the quality department at Vertex Pharmaceuticals helping with continuous improvement initiatives. There he saw how products that were being developed positively impacted the lives of those suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Fung recalls how moving it was to hear patients speak about how drastically the products improved their quality of life.

As Fung looks for what to do after graduation, he is hoping to find a full-time opportunity related to data analysis in the supply chain industry in the United States. His backup plan is to go back to Costa Rica and start his professional career there. He is positive about the job search process and noted that though it can be stressful, everyone has their own timelines and things will work out. In the meantime, his dog, Milo, keeps him entertained and busy.

By: Liz Woodwell, Galante Storyboard Coordinator