PlusOne with MS in Energy Systems

PlusOne with MS in Energy Systems


Accelerated Master’s degrees allow students to accelerate the attainment of the master’s degree by applying graduate credits taken as an undergraduate toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Current students apply to enroll in the Accelerated Master’s Program.

With the PlusOne program, students attain their bachelor’s degree followed by a PlusOne year to complete the master’s degree.

Below are the eligible undergraduate majors available to pursue a PlusOne pathway with a master’s degree in Energy Systems. Also, review the Accelerated Master’s link for further details, including program policies and procedures, as well as how to Apply.

Acceptable Undergraduate Pathways

Eligible Undergrad MajorsAdditional Prerequisites
BS in Bioengineering (and all combined majors)
BS in Chemical Engineering (and all combined majors)
BS in Civil Engineering (and all combined majors)
BS in Computer Engineering (and all combined majors)ME 2380
BS in Electrical Engineering (and all combined majors)ME 2380
BS in Environmental Engineering (and all combined majors)
BS in Industrial Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering (and all combined majors)
BS in Biology (COS)ME 2380
BS in Business Administration (DMSB)ME 2380
BS in Chemistry (COS)ME 2380
BS in Computer Science (Khoury)ME 2380
BS in Economics (CSSH)ME 2380
BS in Environmental Science (COS)ME 2380
BS in Math (COS)ME 2380
BS in Physics (COS)ME 2380

Graduate Course Sharing

Students currently pursuing their Bachelor’s degree should refer to their undergraduate program’s guidelines on how the graduate courses can be shared with their undergraduate degree. College of Engineering undergraduate students should refer to their Plan of Study page.

For other questions on graduate course sharing, please contact Graduate School of Engineering Advising.

Complete the following:

ME 6200Mathematical Methods for Mechanical Engineers 14 SH

Select remaining shared courses from the following range:

Any approved ENSY 5000 level class as listed in the catalog

Program Contacts

Mohammad E. Taslim
Professor,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Program Director,  Master of Science in Energy Systems

Experimental and numerical research in gas turbine cooling technology, solar and wind energy, non-newtonian liquid droplet interactions with hydrophobic surfaces, nano-sensors

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, students should reach out to their undergraduate academic advisor in their home college as well as the Graduate School by emailing for more information about the PlusOne pathway of interest within COE.