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Sagar Kamarthi

Sagar Kamarthi

Associate Dean for Graduate Education, 
Office of the Dean

Sensing, diagnostics and prognostics for manufacturing machines and equipment, AI for smart and sustainable manufacturing and manufacturing systems integration, Machine learning models for personalized medicine and healthcare, Computational methods for pain assessment physiological sensing systems, Engineering education, personalized learning, and mass-customized instruction model

Alain Karma

Affiliated Faculty, 
jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

computational modeling of cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms from cellular to organ scales including systems biology approaches

Hyeon Yu Kim

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanobiology, tissue engineering, cardiovascular diseases, stem cells, organoids, 3D printing

Haris Koutsopoulos

Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Urban transportation networks and informatics, public transportation operations, mobility on demand

Gregory Kowalski

Associate Professor Emeritus, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Energy related and calorimeter studies related to pharmaceutical developments; simulation of thermal effects on laser beam propagation through heated materials; simulating microscale heat transfer phenomena and its effects on laser beam propagation; Simulation of laser welding processes

Kristina Kutsukos

Assistant Co-op Coordinator, 
Global Engineering Co-op