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Ruobing Bai

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Research focus in the Bai group includes: Solid mechanics and large deformation; Mechanical failures: damage, fracture, fatigue, and debonding; Stimuli-responsive actuation and instability; Soft active materials: hydrogels, liquid crystal elastomers, and biomaterials; Multi-physics of materials: mechanics, thermodynamics, chemistry, optics, and electromagnetism

James Bean

Senior Advisor to the President, 
Office of the President

Mehdi Behroozi

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Geographic resource allocation, logistics, scheduling, multimodal transport systems, shared mobility, decentralized systems and resilient networks, data visualization, computational social science; Data-driven robust optimization, computational geometry, geometric probability theory, and geospatial analysis.

James Benneyan

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Healthcare systems engineering, operations research, quality and reliability engineering, statistical quality control, high reliability design, patient safety

John Bleakney

Associate Co-op Coordinator, 
Cooperative Education

Ahmed Busnaina

WL Smith Chair and University Distinguished Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Nanomanufacturing; nano and microscale printing of sensors and electronics; nano and micro-scale defects in semiconductor manufacturing; high rate nanomanufacturing; power electronics, RF, NEMS devices and nanomaterials based nanoelectronics, flexible and hybrid electronics