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Success without Boundaries

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Written by Sharabh Kochar, an Engineering Management graduate.

About Me

Sharabh Kochar is a recent graduate from the engineering management program. He completed an international co-op at Schlumberger del Ecuador S.A., where he was able to enjoy the experience of a lifetime and explore a new culture.

Success without Boundaries

The calendar date July 5, 2016, was an auspicious milestone in my life and will remain memorable always because it was the day I received the confirmation of my Internship assignment at Schlumberger, Ecuador. It all was possible due to active Management support and encouragement by the co-op department at Northeastern University, Boston.

My departure itinerary to Ecuador was perfectly scheduled and I received a warm welcome at the airport. Reflecting back to my first day at the office at Headquarters in Quito, I collected my enthusiasm and met my coworkers, thrilled to gain on-site experience, and realized that I was the first-ever International Intern at this location. Within a week, I was pampered by everyone that made me feel as though I was part of the team. I was overwhelmed by the work and the responsibilities that were placed on me.

I was assigned to work on supply chain management tasks of imports and exports in the logistics department. With the help of my supervisors, I have developed in-depth knowledge while working at the intern position, ranging from simple Excel sheet updates, and voucher form request to supervising and tracking of the Import supplies of merchandise and products (both marine and air freights) through SAP-ERP, thus contributing to shared objectives of my team.

My potential to work arduously, my supervisor included me in the newly implemented SAP software assignment where:

– I checked SAP Purchase Line item validations following specific guidelines using VLOOKUP and MACROS, compared the information from Global Oilfields Logistics, Distribution platform, and SAP inclusions.

– I checked the documents such as MAWB, HAWB, Commercial Invoice, Liquidation, Packing List, etc. and keep the reports updated in a Database server to provide accurate information to the segment when needed.

I went through numerous certification trainings organized by the company such as Global Oilfield Logistics and Distribution Systems, SAP Champion, Schlumberger Web Procurement System Power Viewing, SAP Logistics module. This helped me understand how important each stage of a project is.

student in center of collage of photos of trip to equador such as hiking and business sign

After three months, I was switched to work on the field at the El-Coca base of Schlumberger. This was a thrilling journey, and working right in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest. My daily tasks in the Materials team included planning, coordinating and monitoring of the cargos (quality and quantity) in the warehouse, organizing them in the safe storage and ensure efficient and effective operations of the storehouse.

Schlumberger follows a unique culture of social responsibility, supporting to which I participated as a volunteer with Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development (SEED) to provide aid to the team at special children orphan home, and an old age home. The one thing I always wanted to do was help people, especially children. We gave them gifts and provided funds. The experience was memorable and enthralled back all my past social work in India.

Ecuador has beautiful weather, very friendly people, scenery and is affordable. But at the same time, it lies in the seismic zone vulnerable to high magnitude Earthquake and active volcanos. The recent 2016 drastic earthquake somewhat puzzled my decision as I felt scared initially. I got to know about the company’s mandatory protocol and specially designed mass disaster training program and mock drills. Eventually, during my tenure, the support of coworkers and activities by the company made me strong enough to dwell in its geographic environment.

Staying at Ecuador brings adventures and once a lifetime opportunity to venture into the wilderness of Amazon Forest. I visited the Charles Darwin’s museum Galapagos Island, La Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús, Cotopaxi, Otavalo, San Francisco Church, and the surrounding Old Town, Baños de Agua Santa, Mindo village, Amazon Rainforest. I enjoyed my time in a Spanish lingual environment challenging me to survive by interacting with people using Google translator. Also, though I am a vegetarian, I can affirm the fineness of Ecuadorian cuisine.

Concluding my tenure of Schlumberger del Ecuador, I can say with confidence that it is worth taking risks to explore new opportunities in a totally new environment with respect to technology, social surroundings, and cuisine. I did learn the meaning of efficient working in a new team with responsibility and accountability. I received a touching farewell from the team with a concluding remark by Communications & Public Affairs Director:

“You are my friend and I hope that I made things that can help you to be comfortable and welcome to Ecuador, remember to make others successful, you are a smart and good person with a great soul, just make us proud and count on us always. I take your words and I will tell you if I need something. Keep in contact, my friend.” 🙂

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