Industrial Engineering Co-op Opens Up New Career Paths

Prem Mulchandani

Prem Mulchandani received an MS in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University in 2021. He first became interested in supply chain management while working in India. A co-op experience at Northeastern not only brought his skillset to a new level, but also opened up new career opportunities.

Mulchandani spent the Spring 2021 co-op cycle working as a product implementation intern with Enel-X North America—a Boston-based technology company specializing in smart energy solutions. At Enel-X, he learned the ins and outs of the company’s software.

“My co-op extended my knowledge of Salesforce and Microsoft Excel,” Mulchandani said. “It also helped me learn a completely new concept of demand response, which was one of the biggest services of Enel-X. I got Scrum Certified from Scrum Alliance and I developed a new inclination toward product management.”

One of Enel-X’s biggest services is called demand response. Demand response is a program by Enel-X that offers large energy users the option to receive payments in exchange for decreases in their energy usage. The decrease in energy usage relieves stress on the electricity grid.

Mulchandani previously worked for a year and a half with Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd. in India as a procurement analyst. Zycus is one of the top 12 organizations recognized by Gartner in the procurement suite and software solution space.

My experience on co-op at Northeastern was “awesome,” stated Mulchandani, adding that it opened up many new career opportunities for him—such as a supply chain manager, product manager, or program manager.

While at Northeastern he worked as a career peer mentor with Northeastern’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, seeking to help other students find better career avenues and interests.

“Northeastern has been extensive in support for my co-op and for what I am today,” Mulchandani said. “I am sincerely fortunate to be a part of the Husky family, and I hope to give and receive extensive support throughout my journey at Northeastern.”

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