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Heydari Receives Systems Engineering Journal Outstanding Paper Award

Babak Heydari will join MIE this fall as an
associate professor.

Babak Heydari, who will be joining the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department as an associate professor this fall, was awarded the Systems Engineering Journal Outstanding Paper Award for his paper on "Distributed Resource Management in Systems of Systems: An Architecture Perspective". The award is only given to one paper each year and was presented to Heydari at the International Symposium of Systems Engineering (INCOSE2018) in Washington, DC.


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This paper introduces a framework for studying the interactions of autonomous system components and the design of the connectivity structure in Systems of Systems (SoSs). This framework, which uses complex network models, is also used to study the connectivity structure's impact on resource management. We discuss resource sharing as a mechanism that adds a level of flexibility to distributed systems and describe the connectivity structures that enhance components' access to the resources available within the system. The framework introduced in this paper explicitly incorporates costs of connection and the benefits that are received by direct and indirect access to resources and provides measures of the optimality of connectivity structures. We discuss central and a distributed schemes that, respectively, represent systems in which a central planner determines the connectivity structure and systems in which distributed components are allowed to add and sever connections to improve their own resource access. Furthermore, we identify optimal connectivity structures for systems with various heterogeneity conditions.

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