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Jul 08, 2024

Using Engineering Skills to Craft Powerful Stories

Maria Andrade, E’96, industrial engineering, was featured in Northeastern’s Spotify episode “Elevate Your Career Through Storytelling Feat” where she explained how she leveraged her co-op experience and people skills for a career in communication, storytelling, and self-compassion advocacy.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jun 17, 2024

How This 2024 NSF Fellowship Recipient’s Co-op Blossomed Into a Full-Time Career

Jonathan Gray, E’16, mechanical engineering, is the recipient of the 2024 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which will contribute to his PhD in aerospace engineering at UCLA. Since 2016, he has worked as a project engineer at ATA Engineering, where he completed his first co-op.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jun 06, 2024

PhD LEADERs Program Helps Alum Secure Multiple Job Offers and Shape Career Path

Burcu Özek, PhD’24, industrial engineering, credits Northeastern’s LEADERs program with helping her effectively communicate the value of her machine learning research in healthcare, leading to multiple job offers and ultimately guiding her career path.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Mar 14, 2024

Developing a Sustainability Career From a Mechanical Engineering Foundation

A master’s degree from Northeastern and a co-op at BR + A helped Tammy Ngo, MS’23, sustainable building systems, change her career trajectory from mechanical engineering to sustainable building design.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Mar 06, 2024

Northeastern Empowered Leading Saudi Arabian Data Scientist

Interdisciplinary Engineering aluma Kholoud Khateeb, PhD’15, is helping transform health care in Saudi Arabia as a female data scientist, and she says she owes her success to Northeastern.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 14, 2024

Developing a Career in Renewable Energy on Co-op and in the Lab

After two co-ops, working in an on-campus lab, and their time with AerospaceNU, CJ Huey, E’24, mechanical engineering and physics, feels that they have made the most of their Northeastern experience. The secret to their success was not being afraid to take charge of important work.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 06, 2024

Making an Impact by Integrating AI Automation on Co-op

As the second co-op at Karl Storz Endovision, Inc. in Northeastern’s entire history, Rohan Ghorpade, MS’24, industrial engineering, made sure to make quite the impact. By introducing AI to the company, he revolutionized their supply chain’s automation on a global level.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Feb 02, 2024

Living Life in Co-ops: An Alumnus’ Advice

After three vastly different co-op experiences and working as chief of staff at a Series A company, alumnus Alex Bender, E’20, industrial engineering, MS’20, engineering management, has realized he wants to live his life in co-ops. The next big step? Starting his own non-profit.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering