Minor in Industrial Engineering

Minor in Industrial Engineering


This minor provides an opportunity for students to explore the interaction between mechanical engineering and health. Recommended for students interested in aspects of engineering related to human kinematics, including biomedical devices, joint injury, prosthetic development, human-machine systems, and/or prosthetics.

A minor in industrial engineering is open to all students in the university with the prerequisite of Calculus and Linear Algebra. The minor is particularly designed for majors in engineering (other than IE), mathematics, and science.


  1. Students must file a petition with the IE Academic Advisor prior to taking any coursework.
  2. A student will be given credit toward the minor coursework for a course already taken that has substantial overlap with any IE course (1. and 2. above). For example, if a student has taken ME2315 Statistical and Economic Analysis in Engineering, or CIVE3464 Probability and Engineering Economy, or EECE3468 Noise and Stochastic Processes, the student will be given credit for IE 3412 Engineering Probability and Statistics. A petition should be filed with the IE Academic Advisor to request such a course waiver.
  3. At most one core course substitution is allowed in rare circumstances such as scheduling conflicts. The core course substitution must be approved by the IE Academic Advisor.
  4. Minor is awarded to students completing the requirements and earning a minimum QPA of 2.0 in their minor coursework.
  5. Students should schedule a meeting with the IE Academic Advisor prior to graduation, to be cleared for the minor.

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the academic advisor assigned to this program.