Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business


The Engineering Business Graduate Certificate Program is an eight-course graduate certificate program with academic and participation elements. The Program seeks to provide students opportunities to apply the technical aspects of an engineering skill foundation in corporate settings. This equips them to manage projects, lead people, make data-driven and market-based decisions, and advance economically sound initiatives.

The Galante Engineering Business Program offers a progressive opportunity for engineering students to complement their technical engineering education with business skills. Galante is founded on the values of student engagement and leadership to strengthen interpersonal and professional skills. Programmatic elements are offered to students such as workshops, speaker series, site visits, seminars, and other related personal and professional development activities as a connected cohort.

Innovative Curriculum

Students apply to the engineering business program any time from the end of their sophomore year to the first year of their Master of Science in Engineering Management, Operations Research, Data Analytics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Construction Management, once accepted into the respective graduate program. To earn the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Business, students must (1) have completed in good standing a BS(Engineering)/MS[Engineering Management] Program at Northeastern or an MS(Engineering Management) with a BS(Engineering) also from Northeastern,  (2) have been accepted through application and committee admission to the Galante Engineering Business Program, (3) participate in the Galante Engineering Business Program co-curricular elements, and (4) take 4 specified business-skill courses in the College of Engineering Graduate School as listed along with the 4 required core Engineering Management courses.

Note: Students must have a BS in Engineering from Northeastern.

Refer to Galante Engineering Business Program for additional details about eligibility and requirements.

Program Contacts

Mohammad Dehghani
Mohammad Dehghani
Associate Teaching Professor,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Program Director,  Galante Engineering Business Program

Reinforcement Learning, Simulation Optimization; Healthcare Operations

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the student services representative assigned to this program.

Admissions & Aid

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