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Kai-tak Wan

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Cellular biomechanics; water filtration; thin film adhesion and characterization; subsurface mechano-sensing; shell adhesion; fundamental intersurface forces

Rebecca Webb

Assistant Co-op Coordinator, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Richard Whalen

Interim Director & Teaching Professor, 
First Year Engineering Program

Engineering Education, Evidence-Based Teaching, Pedagogy, Assessment, Thermo-fluids Engineering, Microscale Heat Transfer, Numerical Modeling of Laser Welding of Plastics, Thermal Effects in Nonlinear Optical Material

John “Peter” Whitney

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Human-safe robots, medical robotics, soft robotics and soft material manufacturing, MEMS, microrobotics, bio-inspired design, flapping aerodynamics and insect flight