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Nov 05, 2018

INFORMS Receives 2018 Student Chapter Award

For the second year in a row, and the third since the club’s formation, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) at Northeastern was one of the schools awarded the Student Chapter Cum Laude Award. The club, which had 72 members in 2016, has grown to 273 graduate students who are pursuing […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 02, 2018

A Fork in the Road

Zhuohan Yu, MS, Data Analytics Engineering 2021—It’s a lot easier to pick a career path when you first enter school and follow it. It’s harder to find out along the way that what you’re studying isn’t what you want to be doing. The hardest part is deciding to change your path and starting a new […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 30, 2018

Ready for the High Demand Field of Data Analytics

After he did his first master’s in bioengineering, Zhenyuan Lu, MS Data Analytics Engineering 2019, realized that data analytics was something he was also very interested in. He chose Northeastern’s Data Analytics Engineering program for the variety of practical courses and the co-op program, allowing him to apply his knowledge in the real world. “The […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 22, 2018

A Leader of Tomorrow

More than 1,200 students from 420 universities, with 111 different ethnicities from 80 different countries. Those are the statistics for those who entered the 48th St. Gallen Symposium essay competition. The St. Gallen Symposium essay competition has students send in individual original entrees based on the theme of the upcoming conference, while a panel of […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Sep 28, 2018

Making a Postive Impact on People Through Improved Security

Katherine Graham, BS Mechanical Engineering 2021, shares her experience working with the ALERT research center and her interest in security-related projects. From participating in the ALERT/Gordon CenSSIS Scholars Program to the ALERT SEWDP (Science and Engineering Workforce Development Program), she has been involved with ALERT since her first year at Northeastern University. Katherine, who works […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jul 19, 2018

Growing a Business from the Ground Up

Do you know where your leafy greens come from? If you’re dining at a restaurant in Boston, there’s a good chance the salad greens you’re eating have been grown by two friends inside a small apartment in the city’s South End neighborhood. Oliver Homberg and Matt Alto (BS Mechanical Engineering 2018), two recent graduates of […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jun 26, 2018

New Challenges, New Opportunities

While he hasn’t formally received his degree yet, you could say that Mike McMahon, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2019, has been an engineer his whole life. “Whatever job I’ve had, I’ve been interested in the mechanical and mathematical aspects of it,” says McMahon. “I grew up working in my dad’s bakery, and from a young age […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jun 26, 2018

AIAA Student Club Readies to Land a Rover on a Planet

Fourth-year mechanical engineering and geology/physics student Harry Brodsky, E’19, is leading a team of students that are preparing to land a rover on another planet. Kind of. They are designing and building a rocket and planetary rover—complete with solar panels—to launch, descend safely, and deploy. The only catch is that it will land on Earth […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering