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Nov 06, 2020

Making the Shoe Fit

In many ways, mechanical engineers are like superheroes. They look like you or me out on the street, but when they get to work they can solve almost any problem, big or small. Gabrielle Whittle, E’21, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Northeastern, comes by her interest in mechanical engineering naturally. Her father is […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 28, 2020


As an undergraduate major in Industrial Engineering and a masters student in Engineering Management, Lianna Schuele is focused on studying business processes to make them as time- and cost-efficient as possible ― while still delivering high levels of customer service.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 22, 2020

From Drone Racing to Autonomous Swarms: How Northeastern’s Aerospace Club is Developing Aerial Robotics

In Fall 2017, then-freshman engineering students John Buczek, Noah Ossanna, Blake McHale, Joshua Field, Michael Tang and Ryan Lung were eager to take the combination of their personal interests and studies further in their roles as members of Northeastern’s Aerospace club: Aerospace NU. They turned to Aerospace NU to propose a new subset of projects, […]

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 02, 2020

PhD Spotlight: Rozhin Doroudi, PhD’20 – Industrial Engineering

Advised by Ozlem Ergun, Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering While pursuing her PhD in Industrial Engineering, Rozhin Doroudi leveraged artificial intelligence techniques to understand behavior of human decision makers in a pharmaceutical supply chain and how these behaviors drive drug shortages. She modeled a pharmaceutical supply chain with boundedly rational artificial decision makers capable […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 02, 2020

PhD Spotlight: Jessica Faust, PhD’20 – Mechanical Engineering

Advised by Associate Professor Randall Erb, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Early in her academic journey as a community college student, Jessica Faust was selected for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) in summer of 2010, working as a research assistant in mechanical design at Northeastern’s College of Engineering Center for High-Rate […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 01, 2020

Using Data Analytics to Drive the Success of this Non-Profit’s Mission

For Shriram Karthikeyan, ME‘20, data analytics engineering, data warehousing, and analytics is nothing new—but an 8-month co-op as an ETL Developer at the Home Base Program, a nonprofit geared towards helping service members, veterans, and their families, offered an opportunity to see the outcomes driven by data warehousing. Awarded a challenge coin and a certificate […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Sep 01, 2020

Using Mechanical Engineering to Span Industries, Travel the Globe

With co-ops at Daimler AG and Amazon Robotics, Botakoz Koshkarova, E’20, mechanical engineering, is now an engineer at Apple in Silicon Valley.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Aug 26, 2020

Industrial Engineering Grad Set to Use Data Analysis on Real-World Issues

Varun Senthil, MS ’20, industrial engineering, completed a co-op at Oak Ridge National Labs and co-wrote a soon-to-be-published paper.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering