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May 22, 2018

Entrepreneurship Co-op Leads to Fulltime Start Up

When Nader Yacaman Juha, BS Industrial Engineering 2018, was growing up in Honduras, he spent a lot of time walking around a hospital with his grandfather, who was a doctor there. Juha saw patients lying in hospital beds and realized how fortunate he was to be healthy. That feeling stayed with him and shaped his […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

May 15, 2018

Bucket List: Check!

Carly Parlato’s, BS Mechanical Engineering 2018, time at Northeastern has taken her to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and Taiwan during a Google co-op. Her ambition is to travel much, much farther. “I’d love to go to Mars,” said Parlato, who will give the student Commencement address on Friday and receive her Bachelor’s […]

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two Asian students with award plaque in hands smiling

Feb 28, 2018

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Written by Derek Tran, a fourth year BS/MS track of Mechanical Engineering. About me Derek Tran is a fourth year student on the BS/MS track of Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechanics and Design. Derek has completed co-ops at Siemens Healthcare, Biorad and is now on his 3rd co-op at Desktop Metal. He is currently […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jan 12, 2018

Student Entrepreneur Finds her Identity in Uncertainty

When Abbey Titcomb, BS, Mechanical Engineering 2018, arrived at Northeastern in 2013, she was scared of nearly everything—the ocean, roller coasters, airplanes, and most of all, decision making. She was the type of high achiever who is driven by insecurity and the desire to please others. I realized I’d spent my whole life doing what […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 13, 2017

Global Experience Creates International Tournament

Ask Darryl Robinson, BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2020, why lacrosse is his favorite sport, and he’ll cite its unique blend of physicality and finesse, its reliance on teamwork over individual ability. “It’s the fastest game on two feet,” he’ll say, using one of the sport’s most popular slogans. Robinson, E’20, grew up raking, scooping, and roll […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Oct 27, 2017

A Startup That’s Making Waves

Mechanical engineering alumnus Ben Kneppers, E’07 (middle) and his friends developed the company Bureo to recycle old fishing nets into products like skateboards and sunglasses to help prevent ocean pollution. Source: Northeastern Magazine In his teens and 20s, Ben Kneppers, E’07, BS Mechanical Engineering, traveled the world searching for the perfect wave. Over the years, […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

student at work at plant in Equador

Sep 05, 2017

Success without Boundaries

Written by Sharabh Kochar, an Engineering Management graduate. About Me Sharabh Kochar is a recent graduate from the engineering management program. He completed an international co-op at Schlumberger del Ecuador S.A., where he was able to enjoy the experience of a lifetime and explore a new culture. Success without Boundaries The calendar date July 5, […]

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Jul 14, 2017

Engineering, Business, and Leadership: A Potent Formula

How the program prepared him as a business transformation consultant at IBM.

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