BS Mechanical Engineering/JD Law 3+3

BS Mechanical Engineering/JD Law 3+3


Northeastern University School of Law admits selected students from the department of Mechanical Engineering to a 3+3 program that allows students to count their first year of law school toward their undergraduate degree. Students in the 3+3 Program begin their first-year law school courses during their fourth year of study and apply those credits toward both their bachelor’s and law degree. As a result, and with appropriate academic progress, students can complete this rigorous and rewarding full-curriculum law degree program along with their bachelor’s degree in six years instead of seven. Northeastern’s 3+3 students will save a full year of tuition and enjoy a competitive advantage over their peers in traditional law programs by getting a jump-start in today’s job market.

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the academic advisor assigned to this program.