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Master of Science in Engineering Management—1-Year Experiential

Master of Science in Engineering Management—1-Year Experiential

The Intersection of Technical Expertise and Business Acumen

The Master of Science in Engineering Management- 1-Year Experiential program provides an accelerated, hands-on curriculum for students that want to develop the technical expertise, leadership insights, and business competence that is in high demand with technology-based employers and related government programs. It is often considered an MBA equivalent for engineers. You’ll learn the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, systems thinking, and directing activities with technological components. The interdisciplinary program bridges the gaps between engineering, technology, and business.

Students in the accelerated program gain close connections with industry leaders and earn their degree in one year through a combination of credit-bearing experiential coursework, independent study, industry projects, and co-op.

The one-year program is designed for students and professionals who have the flexibility to engage in full-time study on campus in Boston, and with an intensive three-semester curriculum.

Innovative Curriculum

  • A one-year accelerated, experience-focused master’s degree program on campus at Northeastern in Boston.
  • Integrates credit-bearing experiential coursework, project work, independent study, and Northeastern’s top-ranked co-op program.
  • Opens doors to leadership positions with a range of technology-based employers.
  • Builds decision-making and engineering expertise—setting yourself up for success as a technical liaison to management.
  • Interdisciplinary program rooted in engineering principles, with supporting business management and decision-making skills.
  • Flexibility to tailor the degree to meet professional goals, refresh knowledge, or expand skills

Complete all courses and requirements listed below unless otherwise indicated.

Core Requirements

EMGT 5220Engineering Project Management4 SH
EMGT 6225Economic Decision Making4 SH
IE 6200Engineering Probability and Statistics4 SH
OR 6205Deterministic Operations Research4 SH

Elective Courses

EMGT 5300Engineering/Organizational Psychology4 SH
EMGT 7978Independent Study4 SH
IE 5617Lean Concepts and Applications4 SH
IE 7200Supply Chain Engineering4 SH

Co-op Experience

ENCP 6100Intro to Co-op1 SH
ENCP 6964Co-op0 SH
FallIE 6200 Engineering Probability and Statistics4 SH
OR 6205 Deterministic Operations Research4 SH
EMGT 5300 Engineering/Organizational Psychology4 SH
ENCP 6100 Intro to Co-op1 SH
SpringEMGT 5220 Engineering Project Management4 SH
EMGT 6225 Economic Decision Making4 SH
IE 7200 Supply Chain Engineering4 SH
SummerIE 5617 Lean Concepts and Applications4 SH
EMGT 7978 Independent Study4 SH
ENCP 6964 Co-op0 SH

With proper planning, students have the option to complete one of several College of Engineering graduate certificates in addition to the master’s degree. Certificates can be taken in addition to or in combination with a master’s degree, or provide a pathway to a master’s degree in Northeastern’s College of Engineering. Master’s programs can also be combined with a Gordon Engineering Leadership certificate. Students should consult with their faculty advisor regarding these options.

Experiential Learning

Northeastern combines rigorous academics with experiential learning and research to prepare students for real world engineering challenges. This one-year experiential accelerated program provides credit-bearing experiential coursework, project work, independent study, and co-op.  Co-op is offered in the summer for the one-year experiential accelerated program. The Cooperative Education Program, also known as a “co-op,” is one of the largest and most innovative in the world, and Northeastern is one of only a few that offers a co-op program for graduate students. Through this program students gain industry experience in a wide variety of organizations, from large companies to entrepreneurial start-ups, while giving them a competitive advantage upon graduation.

Sharon Melul Steinfeld, BS Industrial Engineering/MS Engineering Management 2019, did a co-op at PwC and at Hasbro and got a full time job offer before graduation.

Program Goals

Career Outlook
  • The median annual wage for engineering managers is $149,530 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)
  • 9% growth across management occupations (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)
  • Full-time engineering managers with a master’s degree earned an average of nearly 16 percent more than those whose highest degree completion was a bachelor’s. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)


    Academic Advising

    The Academic Advisors in the Graduate Student Services office can help answer many of your questions and assist with various concerns regarding your program and student record. Use the link below to also determine which questions can be answered by your Faculty Program Advisors and OGS Advisors.

    Admissions & Aid

    Ready to take the next step? Review degree requirements to see courses needed to complete this degree. Then, explore ways to fund your education. Finally, review admissions information to see our deadlines and gather the materials you need to Apply.

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