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Jacqueline Isaacs

Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, 
Office of the Dean

Economic-environmental assessment of alternative manu/nanomanufacturing routes towards sustainable design and manufacturing, societal implications of nanomanufacturing, with interdisciplinary collaborations in political science, philosophy, industrial hygiene and industrial engineering, development and assessment of educational games for engineering students and for K-12 outreach activities.

Beverly Kris Jaeger-Helton

Teaching Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, Motor Control, Healthcare Systems, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Operations Research, Business, Data Management and Statistics, Engineering Training and Education, Safety Management, Information Processing, Cognition/Cognitive Psychology, Human Performance Engineering

Safa Jamali

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

microstructure-macroscopic properties relationship in complex fluids; rheology and physics of complex and structured fluids; colloidal suspensions; mesoscale computational science; computational fluid dynamics; physics of living systems; hemorheology and hemodynamics

Noah Japhet

Academic Support Coordinator, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Xiaoning “Sarah” Jin

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Developing advanced models for prognostics and health management using physics-based models and data analytics; designing preventive strategies for manufacturing operations

Yung Joon Jung

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Synthesis of low dimensional nanomaterials and engineering their molecular structures; assembly, transfer and integration of nanomaterials and nanostructured architectures and study properties and underlying fundamental science; nanoelectronics, flexible devices, chemical sensors and energy application

Sagar Kamarthi

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Machine learning applications in smart and sustainable manufacturing; predictive analytics for smart and connected health; data driven approaches to mass customized instruction

Haris Koutsopoulos

Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, 
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Urban transportation networks and informatics, mobility on demand, intelligent transportation systems, public transportation operations

Gregory Kowalski

Associate Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Energy related and calorimeter studies related to pharmaceutical developments; simulation of thermal effects on laser beam propagation through heated materials; simulating microscale heat transfer phenomena and its effects on laser beam propagation; Simulation of laser welding processes

Kristina Kutsukos

Assistant Co-op Coordinator, 
Global Engineering Co-op

Tyler Lehren

Student Services and Data Manager, 
Cooperative Education

Yiannis Levendis

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Gasification and combustion of solid fuels, generation and containment of combustion-generated pollution, synthesis and characterization of combustion-generated materials, fire suppression – fire extinction, engine design and operation

Laura H. Lewis

Distinguished University and Cabot Professor, 
jointly appointed in Chemical Engineering & Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Structure-property relationships in magnetofunctional materials for energy transformations including advanced permanent magnet materials and magnetocaloric materials; strategic materials for technological application

Yaning Li

Associate Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanics of materials, bio-inspired engineering, and additive manufacturing; mechanics of innovative architectured materials; mechanical metamaterials; biological materials

Enqiang Lin

Associate Research Scientist, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Yingzi Lin

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Human-machine interactions, interface design and user experiences, system integration and evaluation; smart systems and nonintrusive sensors, human friendly mechatronics, human state detection and information fusion; human factors in transportation and healthcare

Yang 'Emily' Liu

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

multiscale/multiphysics computational modeling of complex materials and structures; computational mechanics; large scale impact and blast simulation; high performance computing; mechanics-encoded deep learning for material modeling.

Yongmin Liu

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nano optics, nanoscale materials and engineering, nano devices, plasmonics, metamaterials, and applied physics